Super Easy Chili Mac and Cheese
Pot of Chili
Bowls for Serving
Recipe type: Comfort
Cuisine: Pasta
  • Chili, hot from the stove – it needs to be hot to melt the cheese
  • Cooked Elbow Macaroni Pasta – depends on how many people you are serving. Maybe 2 cups uncooked.
  • Sliced, Deli Cheese – I find that sliced “Yellow American” melts beautifully. You will need 3 slices of deli cheese per bowl you are serving.
  1. Assemble all of your ingredients. Mise en place.
  2. Heat Chili in pot on stove.
  3. Cook / boil your Elbow Macaroni Pasta according to the directions on the box.
  4. Drain Macaroni when cooked through. DO NOT rinse. Set aside.
  5. Add a slice of Deli Cheese to each bowl.
  6. Add desired amount of cooked Macaroni to each bowl.
  7. Add a slice of Deli Cheese on top of the cooked Macaroni. (Preferably hot Macaroni, but I used cold Macaroni before – leftovers! – and the hot Chili warmed it up just fine.)
  8. Now add a healthy helping of hot from the stovetop Chili.
  9. Top with the third slice of Deli Cheese.
  10. Poke a few holes in the Deli Cheese – I think it helps it melt better.
  11. Let it melt a bit.
  12. Now: Stir all the ingredients together until you see the cheese is melted and mixed through!
  13. Serve hot!
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